Friday, March 12, 2010

Bathroom Reno Day 14

See that? That's the punch list. One more item crossed off today - the floor tile. I gotta tell ya, it sucked. I have never tiled a floor before and for some stupid reason I thought it might be easier and faster than wall tile. Um, no. I am so disgusted by the whole experience I will spare you many of the details. All I can say is that while the Ditra is nice for adding negligible height to the floor, it is not fun to tile on. It's bumpy and I basically ended up having to spread the thinset (which I got right this time around) once on the floor and then had to back-butter each tile too. Not cool, man, not cool. I'm also very concerned about the tile around the toilet. I must not have smoothed out the Ditra when I laid it out because it was lumpy around there and it a sloped a bit. I am wondering if I will have some cracked tiles. Ugh. I'm also concerned about the level of the toilet flange. I did go buy an extender or two but I have read it's not good to add more than two and I might still not make it to the new height of the floor. Double ugh.

Well, I wanted to finish it today and I did. That's something, right? I will wait until tomorrow night to grout. What the heck will I do until tomorrow night? Sleep a bit, that's for sure, and then probably some laundry and cleaning this nasty house. Thom promises to help get the toilet and vanity/sink in as well as the faucets for the bath/shower on Sunday. I guess that will be it for my two weeks then. Hopefully everything will at least be functional by the time I go back to work on Monday. The following weekend I will plan to finish up the ceiling (still don't know what to do with it) above the tub, add the chair rail, the trim around the doors, baseboards, lights, and new closet doors. I also still need to paint that beadboard. Hmm. Maybe the punch list is not getting shorter after all. I'm off to go bandage my poor blistered hands and find me some grub. Night, y'all.

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