Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bathroom Reno Day 22

Today was trim and casing day. I went to HD last night and bought the casing for the door and window but for some reason forgot the closet casing so I had another run today to make (again, what would a day be without at least one trip there?). Thanks goodness for my compound miter saw - it made a little quicker work of the corners. Below you can see my semi-okay handiwork around the window. I decided to go with a bit more dressed up casing in the end, but still simple. I will need to caulk some corners, decidedly.
I also worked on a bit of the chair rail below the window and to the side of the medicine cabinet. I hadn't really thought that one through, to no one's surprise, I imagine. Under the window was fine but I will have an issue of nailing the chair rail into the wall on that right side of the cabinet because it's not long enough to reach a stud. Perhaps I'm going to need to just use some construction adhesive there.

I bet you're looking at that photo above and saying, "Hey, that's funny. What are you going to do with those gaps between the window and the tile." Well, that's a great question. I don't know. I hadn't thought that one through ahead of time, either. I think I might just put some of those end tiles down the side of the window and then fill in with some scraps as needed. Duh. Nice one.

You can also see that I worked on baseboards today, which took most of the day. There are about 5 corners just around the toilet. I assume they framed it in like that to accommodate some kind of issue but it sure made it a bitch to have to cope all those corners. I am admittedly not very good at coping but good enough that a little caulk will hopefully hide the less than perfect joints.
Besides that, I put another coat of JC on the drywall around the tub and sanded and put another skim coat on the ceiling above the tub. I'm going to call it a day - I'm beat. Tomorrow I hope to finish the chair rail and maybe paint. I have a feeling lights will not get installed, however, until later this week. It's almost's almost's almost done.

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Karen Anne said...

Caulk, what would I do without it :-)

This reminds me of when I moved into my 1920s bungalow and the living room and dining room walls were separated from the ceiling. I must have used ten tubes of caulk filling that in. I wonder what the approved solution would have been. The caulk worked fine, though.