Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bathroom Reno Day 8.01-8.45

I have a renewed sense of hope and optimism today as I round the corner of the first week of this project. On I charge! I finished the furring strips this morning, to which I will affix the beadboard should Lowe's ever decide to finally deliver it. I also dealt with a little bit of a framing issue around the tub so we're now ready to lay some backerboard! Woot! Guest starring today on the Bangor Foursquare is my darling husband Thom. We generally don't play well together when it comes to home improvement so he will be playing a small cameo role this afternoon, as the holder of the backerboard. Three cheers for Thom!

In preparation, I started cutting my first piece. Despite being vehemently talked out of it by the sales guy at Lowe's (he suggested I go to Home Depot and get something else - weird, eh?), I did decide to try the DensShield. I gotta tell you, so far I'm lovin' it. It cuts like drywall (all you need is a utility knife), doesn't need a vapor barrier, and is a heckuva lot lighter than Hardibacker or the like. I'm excited to get things going!

Beforehand, wonder-woman Sarah from Bangor Bungalow will be stopping by with her new truck to help me take the toilet and miscellaneous refuse to the dump - thanks, Sarah! Then I'm back at it. It would be great to get the board up today and get the seams all taped so I can start the floor tomorrow. I guess we'll see what the Home Improvement Gods have to say about that, though.

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