Monday, March 15, 2010

Bathroom Reno (Rest of) Day 17

The photo below is the one I showed the guy at Home Depot tonight. I wasn't quite sure what I needed to do, after installing the drain piece of the new faucet (we got the American Standard Williamsburg design, by the way, and it was a breeze to install), to connect the two pieces. The nice young man (the guys in plumbing seem to be the nicest and most helpful there) sold me a couple pieces and away I went. It all connected up nicely.
Then I went for the last part of the install, which was connecting the supply lines to the shut-off valves. On the right side (which you can see in the above photo) worked fine with the 20" line I had. The left side (which you cannot see) obviously did not. I had to run back to HD for the - count it - third time today to get a longer line. Boy, they're going to miss me when this renovation is completed.

Anyway, my only snag was after testing it, it kept leaking from the drain area. Thom finally found an errant washer that was indeed included in the box but was not discussed in the directions. All was well after that. And, yes, siree Bob - I HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONING BATHROOM! I'm off to take my first shower after treating the grout last night to resist stains. Whoopee!


Karen Anne said...

Congrats! What a huge amount of work in a short time.

Do you know what you're going to resurface your tub with (she asks, staring at powder blue tub in her bathroom)?

I'm glad i have safety bars in my bathroom. They were invaluable when I broke my foot.

Susie said...

We're using a place out of New Hampshire called Miracle Method. I saw it on This Old House. It's about $500-$600 and the finish is supposed to last about 10-15 years.

Tracy said...

I think the sink looks great with the backsplash. Excellent work all around!