Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another day of work

I worked for another 11 hours today on our bedroom (snow day). I washed the walls to get rid of the wallpaper remnants, primed, and then painted. You'll notice the color is the same as the living room - I liked it so much and we had an extra gallon, so what the heck!
Photos in order: before, post-wallpaper, priming, finished coat
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - probably no work tomorrow -- and Friday is moving day!


Tracy said...

the floors are gorgeous! and the walls, newly painted, are as well. the house looks really great - can't wait until you move in and i can see it with all your stuff - as your home.

miss you.

Susie said...

Miss you too! Thanks for the comment, my friend. Hope you have a happy vday :) MAPS!