Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's probably time to rest for a while

I think I may have finally hit the wall. I am pretty tired and I wake up feeling tired in the morning. We got all the moving finally done yesterday and cleaned out the condo so that's all done (on a related note, we went to get Thom's golf clubs out of the shed in the back and found that the local chipmunks had used the box and parts of his bag to build themselves a nice little hangout back there). I think all the packing, the lifting, the climbing of stairs, etc. have just taken their toll on me. I pulled down the rest of the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom yesterday and will paint it this weekend but that may be it for a while.

On a good note, we got the washing machine finally installed yesterday and that seems to work well. I was unhappy to find out that we have to buy special detergent for front loading washers though. Who knew?

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