Friday, February 22, 2008

Bathroom: 1/3 done

Well, I spent a good part of today prepping the bathroom for paint. You can see the before shot here. I also spent a good 90 minutes or so prying off the metal frame that once held on tacky shower doors and then scraping off the caulking. So, anyway, priming is done, ceiling is painted (which I strongly disliked doing), and tomorrow I'll put the other two coats on of the beautiful blue we picked out. 
I also spent part of the night putting weather stripping caulk around the windows hoping that would help. Honestly, I don't see that it did but we'll see.
We also get our refrigerator delivered tomorrow - they had originally delivered one with the doors on the wrong side. So I think we'll be close to settling in. We also have our first dinner guests tomorrow night so we'll look forward to having some people over (it's also a good excuse to turn up the heat!)

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