Monday, February 4, 2008

I can't move my legs

Back to work - I mean, the kind you get paid for. We spent a fabulous weekend starting the work on the house. Granted, we are both exhausted but I feel wonderfully fulfilled. There is such a sense of completeness to all of it, I can't explain it.

We'll have some pics up hopefully later today but here's what we accomplished since Friday:
1) Ripped down wallpaper in kitchen - found lead paint underneath (insert dread-inducing music here)
2) Primed and painted living room and dining room - found that fireplace surrounds looks fabulous as is with the Tamarind paint we chose to put around it
3) Ripped up carpet in hallway - spent remaining evening pulling up hundreds of staples and ridiculous tack strips

You know, three things doesn't sound like much but we worked our pompises off.

It was hard to come to work today - I want to go back and do some more work on the house!

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