Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're in!

After an exhausting day, we are finally in our new house! We are so excited :)

We are slowly putting things away while also moving miscellaneous stuff over from the condo. I am not terribly pleased about having to go back there but c'est la vie, right?

The moving part yesterday went fine - it seemed very expensive but I'd rather pay someone to move a king mattress and two couches in the ice and snow than do it myself for free. We also got our cable/internet hooked up yesterday (hence this posting) and Sears came to deliver the appliances. Two problems there, however: 1) the fridge has the handle on the wrong side of the door so they have to bring us a new one; and 2) the main water valve for the house doesn't actually shut off nor do the shut off valves for the washer so they couldn't hook it up for us. Yes, it looks like we're going to have to hire a plumber. So sad.

I also took my first shower in the house last night to much despair. The shower head is virtually just a faucet. In other words, there is no shower of water - it just pours out. We need a new shower head. Also, there is basically no hot water pressure. It seems that, to fix this issue, the owners instead turned the hot water to scalding so that a little hot water would go a long way to make more or less just warm water. Sigh.

I guess we should have anticipated some of this stuff - I mean, we couldn't have expected this to be perfect, right?

So, we're learning and figuring it out slowly. The bedrooms are great and we have tons of room. Thom loves having his own room/office/music room. Mancha even has her own room right now for her litter box and bed!

Back to work tomorrow. Our Wii says it's going to be 48 degrees tomorrow so that means we're going to work on pecking away at the ice mound that is our driveway.

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