Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bathroom finished

I finished the upstairs bathroom yesterday and was glad to be done. I think that the smallest room painted so far was also the toughest and took the longest. I think, however, it is the most dramatic difference we've seen so far. Anyway, the paint color looks great with the existing tile that's in there. We'll still look forward to doing a more dramatic overhaul this summer or next summer but for now it's a marked improvement over the girly '70's wallpaper.

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Tracy said...

love the blue of the new bathroom. v. nice! and glad that you are going to take some time off from all the home improvement. a break will be nice, i'm sure, and allow you to recharge for the next big push.

i'm back in full swing at school - i've started a new afternoon project (cast drawing), which i'm excited about. it's good to practice beginnings too. they are usually one of the hardest parts. also have yoga tomorrow morning, and the focus this session is going to be on happiness. how timely for me - something about which i've been thinking a lot lately.

well, hope you are thom are well. hi mancha!