Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving Day!

It's moving day! Hooray! Well, as excited as one can be about moving in the middle of winter, anyway. Right now, I'm sitting here waiting for the movers (we hired someone to move the big stuff) who were supposed to be here promptly 30 minutes ago. Thom is sitting at the house as well, waiting for the cable guy. This afternoon we will get to wait for the Sears guy to deliver our appliances. Hooray!

Anyway, it will be nice to spend our first night in our first house tonight. I look forward to being cold with my husband and my cat in our new house!

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Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! so thrilled that you are in the house - hope your first night was magical and memorable. have sculpture today, but look forward to talking to you this weekend to hear all about it. yay!