Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kitchen primed

On my way to work this morning I decided to stop by the house to take out the garbage and got sucked into the kitchen vortex. I ended up spending 7 hours priming the kitchen as the weather was rather iffy in regard to teaching tonight. I was really concerned about the kitchen since, as I mentioned before, we found lead paint. I suppose this wouldn't be all that bad except that it was chipping off the wall in several places. We first thought we'd go with temporary wallpaper until the remodel this summer but after an unsuccessful visit to the local wallpaper store last night I decided to give priming the walls a shot. So a couple hours were spent cleaning the walls and getting the remaining wallpaper paste off the walls and then a bit of spackling. The priming went relatively well except for the spots where the paint was chipping - painting it just seemed to pull it off in bigger chunks. All together, I'm not sure how many years off my life I removed today with the lead paint but the kitchen looks better...and, hey, that's all that matters, really.

See what you think: before/afters to the right.

We'll try painting the walls on Friday or Saturday. The flooring guy comes tomorrow morning so we'll only have access to the kitchen for a few days, anyway. I'm excited to see how the floors look when done next to our newly painted walls in the LR an DR.

Last night we went to Target and got some smoke detectors and some new handles for the cabinets and drawers to update things a bit more. Things are coming along!

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