Sunday, August 24, 2008

For cryin' out loud - it's ALMOST done

It is now midnight on Sunday evening. Thom and I have been working since about 9:30am. I had really hoped we would have all of the countertop in by this evening but we're just 20 inches of shy of finishing the #*@&)! thing. It's been one of those days that you realize you did a helluva lot of work but you don't really have a ton to show for it. You think to yourself, "I know I'm exhausted. I know I worked all damn day. Why isn't it done?"

It started out okay. We had cut the small piece of countertop over the lazy Susan yesterday but were a bit confounded on how to affix it without access through the cabinet. We decided to screw on a couple of 2x3s to the walls to act as braces and then since the range is flush with the edge of the cabinet, to use the brackets that Ikea provided on the outside. It's a bit ghetto but it's on there and it's not going anywhere, dammit, and if anyone looks at it and says, "Hey, why are those there?" they will be summarily booted from our home. I'm just warning you, okay.

We also spent about 2 hours making the drywall patch by the door (you know, that place where the MENSA member had cut out the plaster?) before trying to affix the countertop over there. I think it was right around that time that we heard a "POP!" and then I saw a spark and a little poof of smoke come out of the light switch by the door. I went downstairs to see that the breaker had tripped. We were just so near tears at that point, shaking our fists at the heavens, and screaming, "WHY!?!?!?" God chose not to answer.

I think at that point we got into a huge argument and almost threw in the towel for the day. After a short time out for both of us, we rallied. I think at this point we might have gotten something to eat and that seemed to greatly improve my outlook on life and my outlook on my marriage. While going to get some take out we stopped at the hardware store and got a new 3-way switch (that was the one that popped). I had read on the Internet that these are often caused by loose connections. We weren't sure if this is what it was or if we had wired something wrong weeks ago (groan) but this seemed implausible if it's worked fine for all of this time. After eating I re-stripped the wires, reattached them to the switch, and hoorah - all works fine. It was just a loose connection after all. Crisis averted.

In the MEANTIME (sheesh), we got the long piece of countertop cut and then started on the sink cut out. I think this is where most of the day went, to be honest. Cut after cut after cut, inching away at the lines and getting it to fit just-so. Thom gets all the credit for this one, man. He was so patient with that stupid jigsaw, he deserves a big ol' pat on the back. Three cheers for my husband! Hip, hip, hooray! If nothing else was accomplished this weekend, Thom has become Power Tool Extraordinaire. He rawks.

So, after many hours, we got the cut correct. I put the plumber's putty around the lip (and then pondered how to get it off my hands for about 20 minutes - thank goodness for vegetable oil) and then I spent another 90 minutes trying to get those stupid little brackets back around the edge of the sink. I think this is what probably got me closest to the edge of insanity. We then got the new faucet on (it's purty!), put on the handy old FIXA diffusion barrier over the dishwasher, and then screwed that piece of !#@!& onto the cabinet. 

We ran out of steam but know we can finish the last 20 inches tomorrow. Then we'll have to put the BEHANDLA sealer on it. Hopefully I can then finish priming the cabinets and then get them painted this week. I'll then get the doors and drawers back on and then we're almost done. That's right: only the painting, trim, new hardware, new vent hood, and new floor to go. Oi.

Here you are, photos for your viewing pleasure:

What it looks like now
New faucet and the last little stinking piece left on the far end
The drywall patch and the offending light switch


Karen Anne said...

That's looking beautiful. When you wake up and look at it in the cold light of day, you'll probably be thrilled.

sarah said...

It looks awesome! Sounds like we all had the same type of weekend. What a difference though - and the patch looks great!

Jennifer said...

Looking good!

I remember the sink cut out was the worst part of our countertop install. It was just awful!

Ginger said...

Looks great Susie!
I have to chuckle seeing all the stuff in your cabinets yet. I have the same mixer as you, but in cobalt:)
By the way, I got Pete reading your blog, too. He's way impressed!

Susie said...

Thanks, all - it's definitely exhausting but I know it will be worthwhile when done.

Ging - you two need to get a blog going so everyone can see your beautiful house (the photo of the banner is just teasing us!).

Sarah - you guys are rockin and rollin - I can't wait to hang out on the new deck with some drinks!

Jennifer - you know it. It suuuuuucks.