Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inching toward completion

I got the second coat of the paint up today (it's Silvermist by Sherwin-Williams, just in case you were curious) so I don't really have any new pictures to show - it pretty much looks the same but just better close up. I also just put the first coat of the alkyd paint on the cabinet boxes - I'm hoping to get the second coat on in a couple hours so all of the painting will be technically done today. I'm sure there will be a bit of touching up here and there, especially after we put in the new range hood, but for all intents and purposes, the painting will be done. 

So what does that mean? That means we might be able to do the floor this weekend. I opened up a box of it last night to find, however, that there were no directions included. I don't know if just that box is missing the instructions but I found some online at the Lumber Liquidators' site that I think should work equally well. It looks like the biggest concern will be making sure the floor is level - this freaks me out a bit as it's certainly not level and I'm not terribly excited about the prospect of putting some kind of leveling compound over the vinyl and waiting for it to dry. Yuck.

Beyond that, nothing profound to share today. I spent the day listening to '80's music on the cable television station. I realize this dates me, but these were definitely the anthems of my youth. Sadly, though, I see a lot of issues that may have subconsciously infected my psyche over the years from this music. For instance, there are a lot of songs about men stalking women who don't seem to be interested in them (e.g., maybe Jesse's girl isn't interested in you, then what, Rick?). Also, a lot of music about "bad boys," "nasty boys," and so on and so forth (although I have to wonder what Gloria Estefan's definition of a bad boy is in relation to Janet Jackson's). What did I learn about male-female relations from these songs? Probably nothing good.


A. said...

LOL - so maybe that's been the route of my problems all these years?! I started to feel dated when songs by Nirvana were turning up on the "classic" rock stations. Congrats on getting one step closer to completion, it won't be long now.

thom said...

now if there had only been an INXS song called "marry that guy that can cook for you, rewire your kitchen, and make you a mixtape"...