Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We almost killed each other but the lights are up

This was another project that I had assumed would be easier than it actually ended up being. I should probably sense a theme here but I'm not that bright. The three lights in the kitchen are now finally up. I suppose that the difficulty came with the awkwardness of putting up the middle light, trying to have one person hold it up (it's long and unwieldy, you can see) while the other made the connections. We also have a mess of wires in that middle box, as it is a three-way light, plus it has the main power and a line coming from the pendant on the other side of the room. Taken all together, it was a bitch to put up and figure out. Anyway, Thom learned all about electricity and those tricky 3-ways and got it all wired correctly. A toast all around for Thom, who is the Super Electrician, albeit begrudgingly so.

I'm off to start sanding and priming the cabinets. I'd like to have them all done by the end of the weekend but am trying to curb my overzealousness as it has not served me well up to this point. My husband asks, "What's the rush?" I respond, school starts in three weeks and who knows the madness that awaits me there. Moreover, this was my one summer goal (instead of a vacation or real actual fun) and I'd like to have it accomplished.  So, dammit, I want to get it done.

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A. said...

Nothing like home renovation to show you how strong your relationship is. ;-)