Saturday, August 2, 2008

Spending money and taping the ceiling

That's what we've been doing the past few two days - spending money and taping the ceiling. We put the tape and first coat up on the ceiling and covered the nails and spent inordinate amounts of money (well, it was actually quite premeditated and budgeted but it felt scary) on things like a new cork floor, a new stove hood, a countertop, and paint. We're still debating about the backsplash so that may come quite a bit later. I think the only other things we need to take care of/pay for will be the hardware for the cabinets and getting the plumber to come and run a water line up to the fridge we bought back in February so we can have ice and water in the door - I'm honestly really excited about that.

So, Thom and I are getting pretty good at taping and mudding. We've definitely learned our lessons - and, if we ever do this again (per chance, in the attic at some point) we will know to do things differently but c'est la vie - right? As Alanis would say, "You live, you learn."

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