Monday, August 11, 2008

Lights, camera, pass out

I have returned from my brief hiatus. Thom and I attempted to put up the three lights in the kitchen (while blinding our eyes to the less than perfect ceiling). We got up one okay and then started on the big one in the center - we realized we had several problems with which to contend, namely that the screws that hold the fixture to the brace were too short (i.e., I placed the junction box up too high) and that there are just too many wires, wire nuts, etc. to fit back under the fixture plate. We got some new screws but have not yet figured out the spacing issue. We're both a little wiped out so we're going to attempt the big one tomorrow but we got the other small one up above the sink. So, two done, one big one to go.

My hope is to start sanding the cabinets tomorrow. Our countertop from Ikea also arrives tomorrow afternoon but that will be a while. I was happy to see it live and in person at the showroom in Stoughton this past weekend and it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it all put together.


Karen Anne said...

That three light fixture is gorgeous.

Can you fit compact fluorescents in that? If so, would you mind saying where you got it if it's store bought? It would be just the thing for a room I'm looking for a fixture for. (I cut my electric bill by 2/3s changing over to cfls, so I don't want to change back.)


Susie said...

The three light is halogen, unfortunately, Karen Anne. It will match our third light we're putting up, which is also halogen. They're all from Lowe's.