Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old kitchen cabinets and new drawer slides?

Now that we're almost done with the ceiling portion of the program, it's time to move on to the cabinets. I removed all of the cabinet doors (which were disgustingly dirty, by the way) and am going to follow This Old House Magazine's trusty insert on refinishing kitchen cabinets, starting with using a TSP substitute to get all the nasty grime off of them.

As I was doing that (and after visiting my friend Ginger's house this past weekend), I dreamed of getting those awesome self-closing drawer slides on the drawers. Unclosed doors and drawers are a leading cause of distress in my marriage and I think not only would these be cool but they would save me from that feeling of disillusionment every time I have to close a kitchen drawer. I'm just trying to figure out from where I could get these and how to retrofit them. I found a bunch on the Internet but am admittedly overwhelmed by the many kinds, many different prices, and the whole thing altogether. Anyone done this? Tips? Good buys? 


Amalie said...

A word of advice-- we really, really wanted the full extension slides for our drawers. We found them online and got them, with the special adapters for face framed cabinets, and shipping, for $80. It was a steal, and we thought that by buying the face frame pieces we'd done all our homework. Well, we got them and it turns out that our drawers are too wide, or the slots they fit in are too narrow; either way, there wasn't room for the slides to fit onto the sides of the drawers. We had to buy undermount slides at $2 a piece, and send back the others. It cost us the unreimbursable shipping (twice) when almost the only thing we could use with what we have would have only cost us $16. If only we'd known what pipe dreams we had in the first place!

So the moral of the story? If you want slides that fit on the sides of the drawers, measure there! If you want slides that fit under or above, measure there, too!

Ryan said...

Rockler is a good source for hardware. They have fair prices and a selection of quality hardware. If you already have glides on the drawers the easiest is to replace them with ones that attache the same way. Most "new style" glides attach on the sides and need at least 1/2" clearance between the drawer box and the side of the cabinet. Like the other poster (amalie) said...measure.
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