Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Primed and ready

I spent another day priming - the second coat on the woodwork and on the walls. You may say, "But, Susie, you did a pretty cruddy job. I can still see some of the yellow." If you'll recall, however, I primed all of the kitchen back in February before we moved in, so I just spot primed where we had skim coated and/or done some patching. So, the plan is to start putting the real paint on the walls before going any further. While I got the countertop all on today and everything lined up pretty well, I decided to wait to seal it after the painting is done. That means I'll probably do one coat tomorrow, one on Thursday or Friday, and then paint the two coats on the cabinet boxes. This means that we may or may not get to the floor this weekend as planned. Honestly, I'm just exhausted and I need to go back to work a bit this week. 

I also wanted to update from last night - Thom got home and we did the honors of turning the water back on only to find it spraying all over the bottom of the cabinet. Oopie. Thom fixed that and then we found water leaking out the side of the garbage disposal flange. Double oopie. So we fixed that. Ah, home improvement - there's nothing like fumbling around and learning as you go. No casualties, however - and that's always nice.


sarah said...

Wow - I'm still jealous after that last post that you actually had wood wainscoting (painted though it was). We had that crappy plastic 70s stuff, and found bits of the old gorgeous wood stuff used as shims underneath.
It looks really good!

Jennifer said...

Looking good!