Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm getting pretty not so bad at this

I got the second coat of mud on the ceiling today as well as doing two of the four joints at the ceiling. While I'm certainly not an expert I can definitely feel a little more dexterity with the taping knife and trowel. It's going on a lot smoother and I'm starting to get a little more hang of the intricacies of the knife angle to smooth and feather the mud over the joints. My plan is to finish the two other ceiling-wall joints tomorrow and get the third coat on the ceiling so we can get the ceiling painted by Tuesday or Wednesday. Then we'll see about the next big thing: rigging up the lights. I know it wasn't tough taking down the old ones so hopefully putting up new ones will be equally easy.


Sadie said...

just remember to shut off the power first!

Susie said...

thanks for the tip :)