Monday, August 18, 2008

What a wonderful community

While Thom and I endlessly complain about our real neighbors and how noisy they are, I am so happy to have such a wonderful and supportive virtual community here online. How nice it was to see so many positive and motivating comments from my virtual neighbors. Thanks for the pep talks and the extrinsic motivation - I needed it!

Upon coming home from work today I checked on the doors and they certainly don't look as bad as I perceived yesterday. There are 6 of the 19 doors, however, that seem to have some weird cracking on them. They're not big spots but I'm still at a loss why it happened. It didn't do this with either coat of primer but stuck through both coats of paint. I am not sure what to do now or if I should just let it go. We'll see how it looks by the end of the week when we're ready to put the doors back on and they've cured a bit more.


sarah said...

It's so impossible to get everything perfect! Soon after we re-did our kitchen cabinets, I jammed a fingernail into one & chipped the paint! And one of us spilled something on another one that won't come off. Argh. Thank goodness for touch up paint (if I ever get that far down the list!) I'm sure they look great. And as for ceilings, didn't you see all the horrible cracks in ALL our bedrooms? I'm ignoring those.

Tracy said...

Glad you are feeling better about things! Often a little distance does a world of good. I'm sure even more distance will sort things out quite a spot better, or you will decide to change or fix. But everything in good time. A lesson that Juliette is constantly reinforcing in our drawing is that you do your very best and move on. You can come back and fix earlier areas later - if you don't linger too long you won't ruin the drawing beyond repair, and by the time you come back to it you will have improved by working through the rest of the drawing and so should be able to do it better than the first time you were there. I'm sure this applies to other things in life as well. Miss you!

Karen Anne said...

All I've ever used is latex paint, as many coats as it's taken to cover something. Except for one adventure with one of those water stain hiding bases which worked okay.

Are you using oil based paint? Is the primer oil based? Maybe oil based stuff has to dry longer between coats?

Or maybe you are using latex paint over an old oil based finish? I found different things on the web about whether that works or not.

Karen Anne said...

About noisy neighbors, construction noise used to drive me crazy in CA, but I hardly hear it where I live now. The difference? Here houses are winterized/insulated to the max.

A. said...

Glad you're feeling better. You definitely need to give yourself a break. I was actually thinking about you yesterday as it feels like we accomplished very little done last weekend and you're such a dynamo :)

Susie said...

My Type A-ness is trying to deal with less than perfect. I'm admittedly not doing well with this but having a few more breaks at work (as in, actually going to work) is helping.

Karen Anne - it's all acrylic and it's definitely weird. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on as well. Thom thinks it's the cabinets that had the most wear and tear on them - only places where many fingers touched. I thought that the TSP cleaning would have fixed this but it may be that, at some MUCH later date, I sand this all down and start over...much, much later.